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Professional services business and high-value product businesses who's customer lifetime value is greater than $3,000. Ideally businesses turning over $1 million+ in revenue who have employees, a sales team and a goal to scale their business. Work starts from the moment I open my eyes, until I close them at night. As entrepreneur I look at everything I do as work, as it all plays a vital role to who I am as a person, my energy levels and the outcomes and goals I'm striving for king kong digital marketing. Most weeks I would work 90+ hours.I wake up at 5am and go the gym, where I do a mixture of cardio and weigh training,followed an intense sauna session. This really gets me into a peak state to start my day.

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If you are willing to know your website visitor's IP (Internet Protocol) address or, Geo Location, then it will be better to choose the ...